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Kunming Festivals

Kunming festivals tell you what events is happening in the city to help travelers plan their trips.

Kunming Festivals and Events List

Jindian Temple Fair

Feb. 27 

Jindian Temple Fair With a history of over 400 years, Kunming Golden Temple (Jin Dian) Fair is held for people to pray for blessing for the coming year on the 9th of the fifth Chinese lunar mon... Read more

Kunming International Cultural Tourism Festival

Mar. 27 to Mar. 30

As the most important tourism festival to invite investment for Yunnan Province, Kunming International Cultural Tourism Festival has been held for 14 years since 2000. It usually lasts for one mon... Read more

Torch Festival Of the Yi Ethnic People

Jul. 20 to Jul. 26

The Torch Festival falls between 24th day to the 26 day of the sixth lunar month. It is a shared traditional festival of the Yi, Naxi, and Bai peoples in southwestern China. The Torch Festival is... Read more