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Limit of Heat (chù shǔ处暑)


In the Gregorian calendar, the Limit of Heat usually falls around August 23, and more often refers in particular to the day when the sun is exactly at the celestial longitude of 150°. As its Chinese name suggests, Chu Shu means the end of the hot summer.


Many Limit of Heat customs concern the worship of ancestors and the welcome of autumn. For example, a famous festival in some parts of China, the Zhong Yuan Festival, celebrated to save wandering ghosts and souls, was held after the Limit of Heat.

As for farmers, the Limit of Heat is the season for fish harvesting. During every Limit of Heat, people in the coastal area of Zhejiang Province held the Fishing Festival to see the fishermen off and to wish them good luck. It is also the best time for people to go outside and appreciate the beauty of early autumn.

During the Limit of Heat, people often ate duck cooked in a variety of ways, such as sliced duck, duck cooked with lemons, duck cooked with ginger, roasted duck, lotus leaf-wrapped duck, and duck cooked with walnuts, among others.