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Major Heat (dà shǔ大暑)

Introduction In the Gregorian calendar, the Major Heat usually falls around July 22, and more often refers in particular to the day when the sun is exactly at the celestial longitude of 120°. Generally, Major Heat is the time of year when the duration of the sunshine is the longest, the average temperature is the highest, the rainfall is the greatest, and the thunderstorms are the most frequent. Customs During Major Heat, people usually eat two kinds of food to escape the extreme heat. One is “cold” food such as magic herbs (plants used as medicinal herbs in ancient times) and another is . For example, people in Taiwan like to eat pineapples on this day to relieve internal heat. Contrary to the above customs, people in some areas of China are accustomed to eating “hot” food on this day. As an example, the people in Putian, Fujian Province often eat lychee, lamb, and other “hot” food. Moreover, people in Hunan Province follow the old saying, “eating radishes in winter and gingers in summer keeps doctors away,” and eat spring chicken and ginger to build up their body and drive away diseases.