March Fair

  • Celebrated: Apr. 14 to Apr. 16
  • Location: Dali

Also known as the Kwan-yin Fair, March Fair is one of the most important festivals celebrated by the Bai Ethnic People in Dali in southwest China's Yunnan province.

History And Origin

Currently there is no reliable record of the start of March Fair. A local legend offers an interesting explanation which goes as follows: At the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, the devil called Luocha occupied the territory of today's Dali and persecuted the common folk. During the zhenguan Period, Kwan-yin from the west(today's India) subdued the devil and saved people from the suffer. Ever since, people would gather at the ancient town, offering vegetables to Kwan-yin. Even though the legend fails to give a reasonable and convincing reason on the history of the occasion. It at least shows the fair was at its first stage related to religion.

Present-day March Fair

Now March Fair has become a prosperous commercial fair with tens of thousands of participants and a total volume of trade of over ten millions each year. Besides the Bai ethnic people, other minority groups such as the Yi, Tibetan, Naxi, Nu, Hui in that region will all throng to the fair that day. During the March Fair, the streets at Dali town are compete with temporally stalls selling a mind-boggling variety of items, highlighted by ethnic minority souvenirs.

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Questions and Answers About March Fair

Tris 2014-02-19
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When will the spring fair be held in 2014? And which day of the fair is best to see if you only have one or two days? Thank you!
Hi Tris, the Spring Fair in 2014 begins from Jan.31-Feb.14, it last for 15 days. Whitney Liao replied on 2014-02-20
Walter Vonder 2012-03-03
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When wil the Spring Fair be held in Dali in 2012?
Hi Walter, do you mean the Kwan-yin Fair, which lasts from the 15th to 20th in the third month of the Chinese lunar calendar? It would be held during April 5th to 10th in 2012. Doris Huang replied on 2012-03-05
Jim 2010-12-28
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when the March fair of bai ethnic group will be held in 2011?
The festival will start on April 17 and last to April 22. Ruru Zhou replied on 2010-12-29
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