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Mianzhu New Year Picture Festival

  • Celebrated: Feb. 23 to Feb. 14
  • Location: Sichuan

The Mianzhu New Year Picture is one of the four great Chinese New Year Pictures. For generations, it has been the crystallization of painters' wisdom. The festival conveys the optimism and ethnic customs of the Bashu people.


Varied activities are held during the festival, like the art performance Happiness in Mianzhu, the Plank New Year Painting Seminar, the Grand Spring Lantern Show, and the Joint Exhibition etc. Tourists will enjoy a classical Chinese painting fest there.

Opening Ceremony

The theme of the festival is "Welcome to a celebration of a Chinese New Year in Mianzhu". In an echo of the theme, the organizers invite more than 30 performance teams, which are from different countries, to present their distinctive shows in the opening ceremony. So you can feast your eyes on such wonderful performances as tap dancing from Ireland, belly dancing from India, classical dance, and folk dance from China.


The New Year Picture can be dated back to a legend from The Classics of Mountains and Seas. It was originally posted on doors to protect the households from evil. Gradually, the content of New Year paintings became extensive, from door gods and deities to opera stories, portraits and so on. Mianzhu is called the "Hometown of Chinese New Year Painting", and attracts millions of visitors from all over the world.

Travel Essentials

A visit to Mianzhus New year Picture Festival would be best combined with a Chengdu tour.

  • Address: Mianzhu New Year Picture Museum (绵竹年画博物馆), 565 Danan Road, Mianzhu City, Deyang Municipality, Sichuan Province (about 80 km north of Chengdu by road)
  • How to get there: Local trains run from Chengdu to Mianzhu, as do intercity buses from north Chengdu. Far easier would be private transport on one of our tours..
  • Admission: 12 yuan.