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Nanning Festivals

Nanning is only about a five-hour drive from Guilin, with lots of colorful Zhuang and other minority cultures. 

Zhuang people are really good at singing folk songs, most of which are Zhuang-culture-themed. The annual International Folk Song Festival is the most magnificent folk-song-themed festival in Guangxi, and probably in China.

Nanning Festivals and Events List

The Zhuang Song Festival (San Yue San)

Apr. 18 to Apr. 21

The Zhuang Song Festival is an important festival for Zhuang People. The Zhuang Song Festival is also known as San Yue San, which means 'Third Month's Third (Day)', as it is celebrated on the th... Read more

Nanning International Folk Song Festival

Sep. 16 

Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival (NIFSAF) covers culture, tourism, and business trade together, and it is held annually. Folk singers from outside Guangxi as well as from other co... Read more