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Shanghai International Flower Festival

  • Celebrated: Mar. 29 to Apr. 27
  • Location: Shanghai

Organized by Shanghai government, the aim of the festival is to show the distinctive beauty of different kinds of flowers, which play an important role in citizens’ daily life, and the whole city is decorated by flowers during Shanghai International Flower Festival.

What’s on Offer

Different kinds of flowers, including many rare plants, are waiting for visitors from all over the world during the festival, some of which come from foreign countries, and some are from outer space. Wandering among them, you may be amazed by the marvels of natural beauty. In addition, you can buy any flower you like, know about the latest garden tools and get some information about planting flowers form experts.

Travel Information

Venue: Changfeng Park, Shanghai

How to get there: Take bus No. 44, No. 67, No. 94, No.216, No.551, No. 567, No.766, No. 837 or No. 858