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Shanghai Osmanthus Festival

Introduction: Shanghai Osmanthus Festival is an annual fstival that started in 1991. During the festvial, you can taste different kinds of delicious food with osmanthus in it, you can appreciate flowers, you can enjoy traditional folk arts, and you can watch many shows of ancient Chinese style.

Longjing tea and perfume with osmanthus fragrant are available in the park. They are also nice souvenirs for your friends.

Guilin Park, which used to be private garden with Suzhou-style, is the best park for appreciating osmanthus flowers in autumn. In the park, you can not only enjoy the sweet fragrant of osmanthus flowers, but also can have a leisurely strolling in the Suzhou-style garden with traditional Chinese buildings, pavilions, and layout. The entrance fee only costs 2 yuan.

Activities: Opening Ceremony, Chinese Costume Show, Garden Party

Travel Information

A visit to Guilin Park and is best combined with a Shanghai tour. Or contact us to tailor-make a tour including the Shanghai Osmanthus Festival.

Time: late September to October of every year

Venue: Guilin Park, Caohejing Town, Xuhui District, Shanghai

How to Get There: Take bus 43, 131, 166, 224, 236, 303, 712, 732, 763, 764, 804, 830, 909, or 946 to Guilin Road Caobao Road (桂林路漕宝路), and then walk to Guilin Park.

A corner of Guilin Park