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Shanghai World Expo Memorial Exhibition

  • Celebrated: Sep. 25 to Dec. 31
  • Location: Shanghai
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To mark the highlights of Shanghai World Expo 2010 and recall people’s memories of the Expo, Commemoration Exhibition of Expo 2010 Shanghai China will display the world’s latest inventions and innovations as well as the Expo history and future Expos to visitors.

What’s on Offer
Entering into the exhibition room, you’re welcomed by the multimedia movie “the world civilization grand pageant”, which was showed in the opening ceremony of the Expo. Visitors can learn the stories behind the success of the Expo and the stuffs’ effects on it by watching scenes of the Expo based on the Class A Briefing Room. Besides, the Video Gallery of Huge Multi-Media and Xiaomi Baby, an electronically animated giant baby from Spanish pavilion that symbolizes our future, and the imitation of Lucy’s skeleton which shows visitors the birth of human beings, will bring back memories of the Expo and display all pavilions to visitors again.

The 184-day exhibition covers an area of 5.3 square kilometers, at the Puxi zone of 2010 Shanghai World Expo site. More than 2,000 items used in the Shanghai Expo are displayed, including electronically animated giant baby Miguelín of Spain Pavilion, seeds from the Seed Cathedral of United Kingdom Pavilion, Lucy of Ethiopia Pavilion. The highlight of the exhibition is the 3D movie "Light of the World Expo" on the 3rd floor.
Travel Information

Venue: East Longhua Road, Shanghai
Opening time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Tuesday to Sunday. Visitors are not permitted to enter the exhibition after 04:15 pm.
Bus route: 18, or 1212.