Shaoxing Yellow Rice Wine Festival

Shaoxing is home to yellow rice wine of China, whose yellow rice wine is made from water of Jianhu Lake, featuring crystal-clear, pure and rich in mineral materials, and Shaoxing yellow rice wine is famous all over the world for its unique flavors and high nutritious value

Shaoxing Yellow Rice Wine Festival is a grand ceremonious event for the locals, which has been held in spring or autumn for 23 years since 1990, and it primary activities include the opening ceremony, famous-brand wine circuit show, investment-attracting project promotion, negotiation in the fields of trading, scientific technology, talents and tourism, Foreign Investment Enterprise Service Week, Honorary Citizen Award Ceremony, 21 Century & Shaoxing Forum, Real Estate Product Trade Fair, large-scale theatrical performance, wine riddles, wine culture academic discussion and Shaoxing specialty trade fair.
So we know that Shaoxing Yellow Rice Wine Festival is a comprehensive festival that is very thick in commercial atmosphere, and it aims at improving the popularity of yellow wine throughout the world and conducting a series of trading activities with the yellow wine as carrier, eventually promoting the development of Shaoxing in all aspects.

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