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Places to Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in Shenzhen

Lotus Flower Mountain Park (莲花山公园)

It is the most popular place for the locals to get together with family to wait for and watch the rising moon. On the Mid-Autumn Festival night, Kite Square (an open lawn in the park) sees groups of families and friends enjoying their evening.

Garden Expo Park (园博园)

This free park is very popular among locals thanks to its refreshing and beautiful environment of typical gardens with lush trees and flowers.

Citizen Square (市民中心)

A large open square embraced by tall buildings, it will probably allow you to have a unique view of the moon. It is less popular than Lotus Flower Mountain Park and Garden Expo Park, but offers less noise and more space.

Litchi Park(荔枝公园)

The park has held lantern shows and flower shows to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival during past years. Information on this year’s entertainments is not yet available. We will upload it as soon as it is made public.

Central Park (中心公园)

Transformed from an 800-meter-long (2600-ft-long) green belt, the park is one of the few open green lands in downtown Shenzhen. Two artificial lakes were added to enhance and create harmonious beauty.

Honghu Park (洪湖公园)

Large parts of Honghu Park are covered by water. Hence local Shenzheners like to go to the park to see lotus flowers and enjoy various water activities in summer.