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Shenzhen Festivals

For a city more known for its manufacturing than its tourism, Shenzhen’s festivals and events still include some that attract enthusiasts from afar.

The Electronics Fair is at home amongst the hi-tech industry of Shenzhen, while Shenzhen’s coast holds the largest regatta in China. Shenzhen’s most cultural festival, the Shenzhen Litchi Festival is held in late June and early July, and every two years Shenzhen hosts the World University Games.

An event or festival could be a good way to round off a Shenzhen tour.

Shenzhen Festivals and Events List

Shenzhen Litchi Festival

Jun. 2014

Every summer, the Shenzhen Litchi Festival, 深圳荔枝节, celebrates the amazing taste and long history of the litchi fruit. Visitors can taste, purchase and pick fresh litchis. In addition, local busin... Read more