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Shixiang Lake Tulip Festival


Every year in March, the largest scale tulip festival in all of Asia is held in Shixiang Lake Sightseeing Area. Covering an area of 7,000 square meters, the Shixiang Lake Tulip Festival attracts millions of visitors during the blooming time.

Tulips, the national flower of the Netherlands, symbolizing nobleness and good luck, are usually in bloom every year from March to May. Walking along the paths between tulip fields, your eyes will be full of the red, yellow, pink and purple of beautiful flowers of different shapes.


  • The biggest tulip festival in Asia
  • The ocean of flowers  
  • European beauty in China
  • Good places for wedding photos

Famous Sites in Shixiang Lake Sightseeing Area

  • Shixiang Temple
  • Elephant Spring Resort Hotel
  • Elephant Mountain Old Town
  • Wenxiang Bridge
  • Wenjing Building

Development of Shixiang Lake


Shixiang Lake was built in 2002. Relying on its unique natural conditions and flower culture, Shixiang Lake is being developed as a tourist attraction and a vacation resort. Combining Chinese design with western flowers, it is not only popular in China, but also leaves a deep impression on many overseas visitors.

Travel Essentials


  • Adults:¥60
  • Children 1.2 m betweenls and seniors (over 60): ¥30
  • Children height under 1.2 m: Free

Tourists with special admission tickets are required to present a valid ID at the time of ticket verification.

Open: 8:30am–5:30pm

How to Get There

Shixiang Lake is located in Pujiang County, 93 kilometers southwest of Chengdu. You can take a bus from Chengdu Xin Nanmen Bus Station (成都新南门车站). It costs 21 yuan and takes about 1? hours.

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