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Sichuan Festivals

Most Sichuan festivals listed below are related to ethnic cultures, such as the Torch Festival, the Horse Racing Festival, and the New Year Festival of the Qiang People. 

Zigong is famous for its traditional Chinese lanterns, so Zigong Lantern Festival is a nice opportunity for learning about the history, the manufacture, and types of traditional Chinese lantern.

Sichuan Festivals and Events List

Zigong Lantern Festival

Feb. 1 to Mar. 15

Zigong Lantern Festival As one of China's Historical and Cultural Cities, Zigong is called "Lantern Town of the South Kingdom". Zigong Lantern Festival is one of the largest folk... Read more

Huanglong Temple Fair

Jul. 27 to Jul. 30

The Huanglong Temple Fair takes place in one of the most scenic and wild areas of China, Huanglong National Park or Scenic Area, which has been compared to America’s Yellowstone National Park. ... Read more

Qiang New Year Festival

Nov. 12 

The Qiang people, one of China’s 56 ethnic minorities, are at risk for extinction, especially their annual New Year festival where they give thanks for prosperity and their harmonious lives. A ... Read more

Xichang Torch Festival

Jul. 20 to Jul. 26

The Torch Festival falls between 24th day to the 26 day of the sixth lunar month. It is a shared traditional festival of the Yi, Naxi, and Bai peoples in southwestern China. The Torch Festiv... Read more

China Sichuan Emei International Wushu Festival


The festival is held Mt Emei and Leshan Grand Buddha scenic area, which is believed to be the cradle of Emei Wushu. China Sichuan Emei International Wushu Festival aims at creating a platform for ma... Read more

Litang Horse Racing Festival


The Litang Horse Racing Festival is a traditional festival that was held August 1 every year in high-elevation Litang County in eastern Sichuan Province. The town of Litang has an old monastery... Read more

Mianzhu New Year Picture Festival

Feb. 23 to Feb. 14

The Mianzhu New Year Picture is one of the four great Chinese New Year Pictures. For generations, it has been the crystallization of painters' wisdom. The festival conveys the optimism and ethnic... Read more