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Spring Festival Flower Fair

  • Celebrated: Jan. 30 to Feb. 14
  • Location: Guangzhou

Guangzhou has long been praised as a "flower city" and the Spring Festival flower fair held every year has attracted the attention from at home and abroad. The origin of flower fairs can be dated back to the ancient night flower fair.

There is an old saying there, "No flower fairs, no Spring Festival." During the festival, streets are decorated with fragrant and beautiful fresh flowers, golden tangerines, and elegant miniature landscapes, looking like rivers of flowers in the distance. The streets and fairs in Guangzhou bustle with people shopping and florists from suburban areas setting up temporary shacks for the flower fair.

The flower fair usually starts three days before the Spring Festival. The New Year's Eve is the climax of flower market, when huge crowds of people surge to the street. It is customary for most of the families to visit the fair after the reunion dinner on the New Year's Eve and buy a potted tree with tangerines hanging on it. The tangerine symbolizes good luck and wealth to the local people and the chrysanthemum symbolizes longevity.