The Sunning of Buddha Festival

  • Celebrated: Jun. 6 
  • Location: Lhasa

The Sunning of Buddha Festival is held yearly in Kangding Prefecture, Garze Autonomous Prefecture and Sichuan Province on the 8th day of the 4th month according to Tibetan calendar, during which the embroidered Buddha in the temples are carried by lamas to the Sunning of Buddha platforms or hillsides for showing to the common people. The embroidered Buddha is delicately made with colorful luster and is of high artistic value. 
The people in festive costumes gather together in the local temples in the early morning on the Sunning of Buddha Festival, and then comes the Sunning Buddha ceremony.
Before the Sunning Buddha ceremony begins, the monks piously lift the embroidered Buddha from the temple to a clear and well-lighted hillside, followed by Buddhist music played by lamas, and the common people follow close behind the lamas. The lamas unfold the embroidered Buddha along the hillside, marking the beginning of the Sunning of Buddha Festival, and the Buddhist devotees kowtow and chant sutras beneath the embroidered Buddha, offering sacrifices to Buddha and the Boddhisatva, as well as praying for blessings. The Sunning of Buddha ceremony often lasts for several hours, after which the lamas cautiously fold the embroidered Buddha, and then they carry it three times around the hillside and put it where it was.

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