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The New Year Festival of the Dong Ethnic People

  • Celebrated: Dec.
  • Location: Kaili

The Dong people are an interesting ethnic group of about two million people in China who have retained a lot of their customs and traditions to the point that their architecture, dress, and customs really stand out as different and interesting. In particular, they are known for their architecture style. They make decorated covered bridges and drum towers. The Dong New Year is a traditional festival for the Dong Ethnic People living in southeastern Guizhou Province. The Dong people celebrate their new year festival at different times. It starts when harvests generally end in their region. But the majority of Dong people celebrate their new year from the 1st to the 11th day of the 11th month. During this time, people rest and have fun activities, and it is a good time to visit their region.

The Dong consider their Dong New Year celebrations to be important. During the days before the celebration starts, they make or acquire new clothes, clean their houses, make rice cakes and other traditional food, and butcher animals for feasts. Ziba is a kind of rice cake that is made from cooked glutinous rice that is pounded into paste. Other traditional foods are chicken and pickled carp.

The Dong people actually speak various languages and follow different traditions. The Dong New Year Festival is mainly celebrated by the Dong people who live in the southeastern part of Guizhou Province. They live in about 70 villages around the city of Rongjiang in Guizhou Province. Groups of people go out to play their Lusheng (flute) music and watch water buffalo fights. The water buffalo are especially trained for the fights. They are not regular buffalo used for farm work. China Highlights can help you design a tour to celebrate the Dong New Year with the Dong ethnic people.