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Tibetans Celebrate Lingka Festival in Summer Months

  • Celebrated: Jun.
  • Location: Lhasa
Norbulingka Tibetans Celebrate Lingka Festival by Camping Out

Summer time is Lingka Festival time in Tibet. This unique holiday isn't a short one, however. It starts on the 15th day of the fourth Tibetan month and ends during the eighth Tibetan month, a period that generally spans our months of May to September.

Tibetans Celebrate by Camping Out

Lingka means garden or park in the Tibetan language, and that's what Tibetans do during this time. They park themselves in parks where they camp out in white tents decorated with blue symbols and socialize while participating in the myriad of activities that take place. The festival is known as Tsenlanggisam in the Tibetan language.

Several festivals take place during these months, but they're all grouped under the Lingka umbrella. The Saka Dawa festival kicks off Lingka. It is followed by Incense Festival and the Shoton (Yogurt) Festival. The Bathing Festival, in the eighth Tibetan month, is the final festival.

Festival Activities Center Around Worshipping Buddha

The Lingka festival centers around worshipping Buddha and recreation. Tibetans dress up in their best clothes on the 15th day of the fifth month to people pray at Lhasa's Jokhang Monastery and other monasteries located throughout Tibet.

While seated beside roads, Buddhist nuns chant scriptures to drum beats. Other activities include singing, dancing, playing Tibetan poker, and watching performances of Tibetan opera. Back at their tents, they prepare feasts to share with family and friends. Sporting competitions are popular as is drinking intoxicating beverages.