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Tianpeng Peony Fair in Chengdu

  • Celebrated: Mar. 28 to May. 12
  • Location: Chengdu

Travelers with green thumbs or who just enjoy looking at beautiful flowers should head to the Tianpeng Peony Fair if they’re visiting southwest China in the spring.

The peony is a favored flower in China, so it’s only natural it be honored with its own festival. The Tainpeng fair is one of three major peony festivals in China; the others are at Luoyang in Henan Province and Heze in Shandong Province.

Peonies Grown in Danjing for Centuries

The annual festival is held in April in conjunction with Tomb Sweeping Day, which is usually April 4 or 5, but the peony festival continues throughout April and into May. It takes place in Pengzhou, which was originally known as Tianpeng.

Pengzhou is located 31 miles from Chengdu and is the largest peony-growing region in western China. These pretty flowers are grown at Danjing Mountain, where the festival takes place at the Danjing peony garden. Growing peonies at Danjing Mountain dates back to the Tang Dynasty (618–907).

Flowers and Local Culture Take Center Stage

The fair provides visitors the opportunity to see and smell more than 250 kinds of colorful, fragrant peonies. The fair also provides an opportunity to learn more about growing peonies. Visitors also can sample local snacks, buy locally made handicrafts and learn more about the culture of Sichuan Province.