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Vernal Equinox (chūn fēn春分)

Introduction In the Gregorian calendar, the Vernal Equinox usually falls around March 20, and more often refers in particular to the day when the sun is exactly at the celestial longitude of 0°. On this day, night and day are almost the same length. The day also equally divides the three months of spring. If the four Starts stand for the beginning of each season, the four Equinoxes mark the middle of each season. The Vernal Equinox is a special period representing the quality of energy on earth, the energy to plant, the energy to grow, and the energy to renew our lives. Therefore, it is the best time for planting trees. Moreover, one of the most popular customs in China and throughout the world is the egg erecting game. The game sounds simple: first, pick a smooth and fresh egg and then erect it on a table. In reality, very few people can do it. The locals in Beijing have long followed a custom of eating Lvdagun (a kind of soybean cake) from Huguo Temple to dispel misfortune and drive away evil. People in some areas of China often eat Chuncai, a wild vegetable. They use the vegetable to make a soup together with fish, called spring soup, which, according to an old saying, brings health to the family.