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Wangcongci Singing Contest

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Wangcongci Singing Contest is the only existing Han singing contest in the world. Local farmers sing folk songs to dispel the tiredness of labor, express wishes for a bumper harvest, and express feelings of love. Sichuan opera, folk dancing, and Sichuan-flavored snacks are also included.


  • Amazing local folk music
  • Different forms of performance
  • Rich and colorful activities
  • Splendid Han  culture
  • Tasty local specialties


Wangcongci Singing Contest (赛歌会)

The contest is regularly held in Wangcong Temple. The contest will give you a taste of authentic Han folk music. Thousands of Han people take part in it, not only to win, but also to express sincere wishes, and celebrate life through songs.

Antiphonal Singing (山歌对唱)

Participants, especially young people, express their love to their lovers by singing to one another. You will see the pure love between them in the songs.

Artistic Performances (文艺演出)

/陈清香(cheryl)/成都,成都-锦江剧场-芙蓉国粹-变脸.JPGface changing

Performers from different minorities get together and show their featured performances, like drum performances, Huagu Opera, face changing, tea pouring displays, and acrobatics.

Sichuan Opera (茶馆川剧)

It is the custom of local people to sit in a tea house for tea and snacks when watching Sichuan opera, storytelling, and allegro music. Tourists can enjoy the customary atmosphere of Sichuan opera performance.

Exhibition of Ancient Shu Cultural Relics (蜀文化文物展)

Shu culture is an ancient culture of Sichuan province, with its own politics, economics, and local culture. From the relics, you will have a deeper impression of the extensiveness and profundity of Chinese culture.

Local Specialties and Folk Snacks Fair (土特产和民间小吃展销会)

The fair is held near Wangcong Temple. There is a variety of food choices along the street, from fancy eating in restaurants to snacks in small booths, as well as a great amount of local specialties which make good souvenirs. 

Local specialties: Wenjun liquor, Wupang duck, Yuanbao chicken, embroidery products, Shu brocades, bamboo handicrafts, Longjing Tea, Biluochun Tea, etc.


Coming from folklore and the old custom of offering sacrifices to gods and ancestors, the Wangcongci Singing Contest can be dated back to the Qin Dynasty (221–206 BC). With a history of more than 2,000 years, the singing contest is regularly held to make supplication for a bumper harvest. Nowadays it has become a combination of tradition, culture, entertainment, and tourism.

How to Get There

Wangcong Temple is located 1.5 kilometers northwest of Pi County Town (Pi Xiancheng, 郫县城). It is only 23 kilometers from Chengdu. You can easily take a bus from Chengdu bus station, which costs only 3 - 5 yuan.