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World Incense Festival

  • Celebrated: Jul. 12 
  • Location: Lhasa

The legend goes that the World Incense Day is when God in the heaven come to the earth, and the pilgrims will come to the Linka Park of Lhasa to burn incenses and wait for the coming of the God of Happiness at that day.
It’s the birthday of Kwan-yin on 19th of June each year, during which she comes to the earth to listen to the appeal of the suffered and help them with the permission of Tathagata, bringing peace and prosperity to the earthly world.

Undeterred by the blistering heat, the Tibetan people come to gather together in a scheduled venue and burn incenses to worship Kwan-in on 19th of June, making a wishes before God, which later becomes a part of Tibetan folk culture, and the locals make good use of temples to invite investments and the young people seize this opportunity to find their Mr. or Miss Rights.

In addition, a number of interesting local folk performances are available during the festival, including lion dancing and singing tilt-walking, and you’re highly recommended to participate these activities during your Tibet travel.