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Xiamen International Tea Fair

  • Celebrated:Oct. 15 to Oct. 19
  • Location: Xiamen

The land of tea, China is the earliest country of discovering and using tea leaf. It is said that China has a thousands of years of history of making and drinking tea. Now tea leads the parade of the three world-famous soft drinks (tea, coffee and cocoa). Drinking tea becomes a world-wide vogue and almost half of the world population enjoys drinking tea. In addition, function of tea has extends to areas of medicine, sociality, sacrifice, entertainment and culture. All this sufficiently serves to show the huge potential of tea market and tea business opportunity.

Port of Xiamen used to be the jumping-off point of Tea Road on the sea, by which China exported tea to European market. The English word tea stemmed from the pronunciation of the Chinese character cha in Xiamen dialect.