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Yi County Tourism and Photography Festival

Yi County Tourism and Photography Festival is held in Huangshan of Anhui Province from 8th to 9th of November each year, during which several activities such as the grand opening ceremony, folk performances, "Ancient Yi Charm" themed photography exhibition and "Villages in Painting" photography competition will take place, and it has 8 characteristics below.

Firstly, a country music concert is to be held after the opening ceremony, highlighted by American country music and Taiwan folk music. Secondly, the photography exhibition will be held as well, which is themed the Mystery of Urbanization, Rustic Landscape, City & Village and Literati Works. Thirdly, a photography festival forum is available during the festival, when a number of cultural celebrities are invited to deliver speeches on photographic art.

Fourthly, the live broadcast activity themed Good Village is held in Nanping Scenic Area, and then rebroadcast to the whole Yi County. Fifthly, the art performances and motion picture projection are also available during the festival, when the famous musicians from home and abroad are invited to show their talents. Sixthly, the Harvest Celebration Activity is held at the foot of Bishan Mountain, highlighted by a temple fair.  

Seventhly, the camping meeting is carried out during the festival as well, when the participators take photos through mountain-climbing and hiking. Eighthly, various kinds of commercial activities such as selling photographic works are held during the festival.