Zengcheng Litchi Festival

Travelers who enjoy eating sweet, juicy litchis won’t want to miss the annual Zengcheng Litchi Festival, where homage is paid to this subtropical fruit, which is native to southern China, hence its Latin name, Litchi chinensis.


Zengcheng, located in eastern Guangzhou, is one of the most famous litchi growing areas in China.

Zengcheng, a town that was founded in 201, began celebrating the litchi festival in 1990. The festival takes place every July throughout Zengcheng.

Festival Activities

Litchis are a fragrant fruit that are best eaten fresh, since canning destroys their aroma. The fruit has a bumpy skin that must be peeled off before eating the white translucent flesh. The festival takes place in mid-July, when the litchis are ripe and harvest is under way. Sampling of the freshly picked fruit is a must-do activity.

Besides eating litchis (try the litchi ice cream), singing, dancing, sports, cooking demonstrations, photo exhibitions, garden shows and book sales are some of the activities that take place. Other activities are added spontaneously, so visitors certainly won’t get bored. Trade negotiations over the litchis also take place, though they’re generally not considered a tourist activity.

Getting There

Buses depart frequently from the Tianhe and Liuhua stations in Guangzhou for Zengcheng. The trip from Liuhua takes about an hour 20 minutes, while the trip from Tianhe takes 25 minutes longer.

See also Shenzhen Litchi Festival.

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Questions and Answers About Zengcheng Litchi Festival

Wosu 2013-04-07
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What are the dates and agenda for this festival this year?
The Festival goes through the whole July and there is no specific agenda except the openning ceremony. Ruby Zhao replied on 2013-04-07
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