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Zhengzhou Festivals

Shaolin kung fu and traditional Chinese culture are the major cultural themes of Zhengzhou, so the most important two festivals in Zhengzhou are related to these. 

Zhengzhou is one of the birth places of Chinese culture, and the Ancestor Worship Ceremony is still held showing traditional Chinese ways of worshiping ancestors. There are also Chinese performances.

Zhengzhou Festivals and Events List

Zhengzhou International Shaolin Kung Fu Festival

Oct. 18 to Oct. 22

Henan Porvince is home to two most famous Chinese Kung Fu sects shaolin and Taiji , which have important status and influence on the Kung Fu movement. Zhengzhou is the capital city of henna Provice ... Read more

The Ancestor Worship Ceremony

Apr. 21 

The Ancestor Worship Ceremony is held on the 3rd of the third Chinese lunar month annually in Xinzheng (hometown of the Chinese legendary figure, Huang Di, the Yellow Emperor) of Henan Province. I... Read more