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Foshan Weather

The climate of Foshan belongs to the tropical oceanic monsoon climate with its basic characteristics-warm and rainy for most of days. Its annual average temperature is 22°C, and the mean annual precipitation 1600 to 2000 mm. The rainy days are mostly during April and September, accounting for 80% of the mean precipitation. It is attacked by typhoon for two or three times every year. It often happens during July to September and the wind-force can reach level 12 or more. It is suitable to visit all the year round.

Foshan Average Climate by Month

High (ºC)181922252932333332292420
Low (ºC)101215192325252524201612
Rain (mm)43.1866.0486.36182.8800228.6220.98172.7278.7443.1822.86
High (ºF)646570778488909088837568
Low (ºF)495258667276777774686052
Rain (in)

Foshan Average Monthly Temperatures

Foshan Average Monthly Temperatures

Foshan Average Monthly Precipitation (mm)

Foshan Average Monthly Precipitation