Fuzhou Nightlife

Fuzhou is a modern city in South China, and it has developed entertainment industry. Fuzhou is known as "a city of hot spring". Hence, besides those common entertainment activities like visiting pubs, clubs, cafés and teahouses, bathing in a hot spring will be a nice choice in the night. In addition, the performances in theaters also add more choices to the nightlife in Fuzhou.

Hot Spring

Fuzhou International Golden Hot Spring Resort 福州国际金汤温泉度假村

It is the largest hot spring resort in Fuzhou, offering services of bathing in hot spring, swimming, and fitness equipment and so on.

  • Address: 30 Middle Beihuan Road, Fuzhou
  • Hours: 11:00–24:00
  • Ticket Price: 128 yuan per person; 48 yuan per child between 0.9 meters (3 ft) and 1.4 meters (4.6 ft)
  • Bus Routes: Take NO.18, 20, 26, 52, 117, 807, 808 and 905 and get off at the stop of Sports Center (体育中心)

Pubs or Clubs

Prada Bar 普拉达

  • Location: Facing the Main Entrance of Xihu Park (a park located in 70 Hubing Road, Gulou District 鼓楼区湖滨路70号)
  • Average price per person: 105 yuan

Shaoyuan Yihao Pub 勺园一号

  • Address: Baima Road, Gulou District (鼓楼区白马路)

Alun's Story Café & Bar 阿伦故事咖啡酒吧

  • Address: 75 Wusi Road, Gulou District (鼓楼区五四路75号)
  • Tel: 0591-8722 0708
  • Average price per person: 100 yuan

Party Bar 派提吧

  • Address: 26 Tonghu Road, Gulou District (鼓楼区通湖路26号)
  • Tel: 0591-8751 6499


Starbucks Coffee 星巴克

  • Address: 101 Nanhou Street, Gulou District (鼓楼区南后街101号)
  • Tel: 0591-87666231
  • Average price per person: 34 yuan

Nan'an Coffee 南岸咖啡

  • Address: 149 Wusi Road, Gulou District (鼓楼区五四路149号)
  • Tel: 0591-87870977 / 87870967
  • Hours: 08:30–02:00 in the next morning
  • Bus Routes: Take bus 5, 9, 22, 51, 52, 55, 69, 72, 107, 117 and 121 and get off at the stop of Gusanzuo.

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