The Xifengkou Legend

There is an underwater section of the Great Wall in Hebei Province called Xifengkou (Happy Meeting Mouth).

A legend relates that in the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC), a young man was taken away to build the Great Wall. Winter came but he failed to return. His father worried about him so much that he went to the site to look for him. They ran into each other at Songting Hill by chance. They were so happy that they laughed themselves to death. The pass where they were buried was later named Xifengkou Pass.

Other Great Wall Legends:

The Legend of Meng Jiangnü

This is a legend about love and devotion. It tells the story of Meng Jiang Nü and her anguish after her husband died building the wall. It is said that her bitter weeping caused a section of the wall to collapse. Read the Meng Jiangnü story.

"Metal Soup" Great Wall

This story tells of the construction of the Huanghuacheng Great Wall. The great general who masterminded this section was beheaded wrongly for his high expenditures, but later redeemed and honored. Read the "Metal Soup" Great Wall story.