Guangzhou Subway Line One

There are 16 stops in subway line 1, including Guangzhou East Railway Station, Sports Center, Tiyu West Road, Yangji, Dongshankou, Martyrs’ Park, Peasant Movement Institute, Gongyuanqian, Ximenkou, Chen Clan Academy, Changshou Lu, Huangsha, Fangcun, Huangdiwan, Kengkou and Xilang. Apart from Kengkou and Xilang, all stations in Line 1 are underground.

Time Table for Subway Line 1

Direction First Train Last train
Station Xilang Guangzhou East Railway Station Xilang Guangzhou East Railway Station
Guangzhou East Railway Station 6:10 23:30
Tianhe Sports Center 6:12 6:22 23:32 23:22
Tiyu Xilu 6:14 6:20 23:34 23:20
Yangji 6:16 6:18 23:36 23:18
Dongshankou 6:18 6:16 23:38 23:16
Martyrs’ Park 6:20 6:14 23:40 23:14
Peasant Movement Institute 6:22 6:12 23:42 23:12
Gongyuanqian 6:24 6:10 23:44 23:10
Ximenkou 6:26 6:14 23:46 23:08
ChenClan Academy 6:28 6:12 23:48 23:06
Changshou Lu 6:31 6:10 23:51 23:04
Huangsha 6:33 6:08 23:53 23:03
Fangcun 6:35 6:06 23:55 23:00
Huadiwan 6:38 6:04 23:58 22:58
Kengkou 6:40 6:02 0:00 22:57
Xilang 6:00 22:55

Line 1 Train Interval
Day Peak Time Interval
Monday | Thursday High 6:45~9:15,16:00~18:30 3 minutes
Middle 6:00~6:45,9:15~16:00,18:30~21:00 4 minutes
Low 21:00~22:55 7 minutes
Friday High 6:45~9:15,16:00~19:30 3 minutes
Middle 6:00~6:45,9:15~16:00,19:30~21:00 4 minutes
Low 21:00~22:55 7 minutes
Weekend High 11:00~18:30 3 minutes
Middle 7:30~11:00,18:30~21:00 4 minutes
Low 6:00~7:30,21:00~22:55 7 minutes

Introduction of Guangzhou Subway Line 1

Xilang Station

Xilang Station is a terminus of Guangzhou Subway Line 1. It is close to headquarter of Guangzhou Subway Operation Corporation, headquarter of the Guangzhou Subway Construction Company and Guangzhou Iron and Steel Company.

Kengkou Station

Kengkou Station is situated at the Fangcun Street. It is close to the Fangcun Bus Station. Passengers can take buses to go to other provinces.

Huadiwan Station

Huadiwan Station is situated at Huadi Dadao Bei. There are Fish and Bird Wholesale Markets and Nice Food Streets nearby.

Fangcun Station

Fangcun Station is one of the longest underground railway stations in Asia. It is 689 meters long. The famous Huang Daxian Temple, Fangcun Dock and bar streets at Baiertan are not far away from Fangcun Station.

Huangsha Station

Huangsha Station is adjacent to the famous island—Shamian. The famous White Goose Hotel, Victory Hotel, Huangsha Seafood Wholesale Market and Qingping Medical herbs Wholesale Market are located close to the Huangsha Station.

Changshou Lu Station

Changshou Lu Station is located in the Liwan District which has a strong flavor of Western Guangzhou life. The famous Shangxiajiubu pedestrian street and old Xiguan houses are around here.

Chen Clan Academy Station

Chen Clan Academy Station is located in the Zhongshan Seven Road. It is close to the Chen Clan Academy which is one of the eight famous scenic spots of Guangzhou. The Chen Clan Academy was once the Academy of the Chen Clan in the Qing Dynasty. It is also the largest and best preserved folk masterpiece in Guangdong.

Ximenkou Station

Ximenkou Station is located at the connection of the Zhongshan Road and Renmin Road. The famous Guangxiao Temple, Liurong Temple and Wuxian Temple are around here. Among these temples, the Guangxiao Temple is the most ancient, largest and best preserved iron tower.

Gongyuanqian Station

Gongyuanqian Station is located at the most prosperous business center of Guangzhou—Zhongshan Five Road. It is close to the Beijing Road, Wende Culture Road, Lidu Grand Hotel. It is the transfer station of Guangzhou Subway Line 1 and Line 2. At the same time, it is also the largest subway station in South Asia.

Peasant Movement Institute Station

Peasant Movement Institute Station is close to the former site of the Peasant Movement Institute hosted by Mao Zedong. It is close to the Gotone Grand Hotel, Guangzhou Library, Zhongshan Library and Guangzhou Museum.

Martyrs’ Park Station

Martyrs’ Park Station is close to Guangzhou Martyrs’ Park and the newly-built shopping center-“Zhonghua Square”. It is 30-minute walk from the station to the famous Garden Hotel, Baiyu Hotel, Guangdong International Grand Hotel, Jiangwan Hotel and Yuanyang Hotel.

Dongshankou Station

Dongshankou Station is located at the business center of Guangzhou. There are Sanyu Hotel, Nonglin Xialu Business Street nearby.

Yangji Station

Yangji Station is the transfer station of Line 1 and Line 5. It is located at the connection of Zhongshanyi Road and Meidong Road. Apart from those numerous dwelling houses, there are newly-built luxurious clubhouses. The traffic here is quite convenient. It is close to Dongfeng Road and the Zhongshanyi overpass is not far from here. The Zhongshayi overpass is a connection part for Huanshi Road, Dongfeng Road, Tianhe and Guangzhou Avenue. There are many recreation centers nearby Wuyang New Town and Tianhe area.

Tiyu West Road Station

Tiyu West Road Station is located at the center of the Tianhe Business District. The Tianhe Sports Center, Tianhecheng Square, Hongcheng Business Square and Guangzhou Booking Center are around here.

Tianhe Sport Center Station

Tianhe Sport Center Station is close to the Computer Wholesale Markets. There are many computer shopping centers nearby, including Guangzhou Computer Town, Pacific Computer Town and etc.

Guangzhou East Railway Station

Guangzhou East Railway Station is one terminus of the Subway Line 1. Passengers can take buses here to get to Hongkan, Hong Kong. Besides, another scenic spot of the eight scenic spots of Guangzhou—“Tianhe Piaojuan” is around here. The Zhongxin Square is also not far away from here.

Guangzhou Subway Map

Questions and Answers About Guangzhou Subway Line One

Alice 2012-10-05
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Hi my name s alice i m planing to go to guangzhou next week for the fair.but dont know how to go from the airpot till the hotel:oakwood premier hotel.can you hel?is there a metro from the airport till there??And i want to spend 20 to 22 in macau for my wedding anniverssary do you have an advise for a nice 4*or5*?thank you
Dear Alice, Oakwood premier hotel is about 3 km from Guangzhou east railway station. You could take line 3 subway to Guangzhou east railway station from the airport, then take a taxi to get to the hotel. It takes about 1.5 hours. About the hotel in Macau, here are some options. Grand Lisboa(5*): Star World Hotel(5*): Hotel Beverly Plaza Macau(4*) Grand Emperor hotel(4*) Lussie Lu replied on 2012-10-08
rose 2012-09-24
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what can we see in kengkou station? are the wholesale market for fishing supplies in there?

Hi Rose, you can see the Shell Pond 蚬壳洲, Antelope canyon 羚峡归帆, Longhua Temple龙华寺, Luoyin red pavilion罗隐红亭, etc. Yes, there are  some wholesale markets for fishing supplies. Here is one for you.

Guangzhou Jinhuadi Fishing Supplies Market 广州金花地渔具市场
Add: No.3, Mid Huadi Road, Fangcun District, Guangzhou 广州市芳村区花地大道中3号


Whitney Liao replied on 2012-09-25
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