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Li River Photography Tips
The Li River is one of the best photography destinations in China. The river is lined with karst pinnacles on both sides, and is renowned as one of China's most beautiful rivers.
4 Ways to Explore Yangshuo Countryside
Yangshuo's countryside is known for its idyllic scenery, oddly-shaped hills thrusting to the sky and leisurely local farming life. Visiting Yangshuo's countryside provides a great opportunity to get close to nature and real life in South China's countryside by being introduced into their house.
Top 5 Ancient Towns around Guilin
The ancient architectural clusters of Guilin are mainly concentrated in the four ancient towns, namely, Huangyao Ancient Town, Xingping Ancient Town, Xing’an Ancient Town and Daxu Ancient Town. They have become tourist draws due to their amazing natural scenery, unique folk customs and antique flavors.
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Is Guilin City Worth a Stay

So people may ask the question “Is Guilin City worth a stay? Should we go to Yangshuo or Longsheng directly and miss out Guilin City?” Below are some reasons why you might stay in the city.

Tour Planning

Articles on guilin tour planning

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Best of Guilin

Best Things/Activities to Do in Guilin

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Guilin Visa Free Travel — Make the Most of It!

Guilin is 72-hour visa-free transit for 51 countries, and 144-hour visa-free for 10 ASEAN countries. Read on to get some ideas for visa-free travel in Guilin.

Travel Ideas from Guilin Locals — what Guiliners recommend

These travel places, recommended by Guiliners, will help you make the most of your Guilin Visit.

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Guilin's Floating Villages

Explore Guilin's Floating Villages, an indispensable part of the river culture of Guilin.

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Best Places to See Autumn Colors in Guilin

Autumn is a comfortable and colorful season in Guilin. Here are the best places to see autumn colors.

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6 Free Things to do in Yangshuo

Most attractions in Yangshuo have an entrance fee. Read this article to find out what is available for free in this beautiful place.

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Li River Photography Tips

The Li River is one of the best photography destinations in China. Here are photography tips for where and when to take the best shots.

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Rock Climbing in Yangshuo, Guilin

Yangshuo, most popular rock climbing destination in China, has easy-access, tooth-like karst. Here's where and when to climb, and who to climb with.

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Top 6 Ancient Towns around Guilin

Here are the top 6 ancient towns around Guilin which deserve a visit, with travel details and summaries.

Top 3 Camping Sites around Guilin

Guilin offers the camping enthusiast many good places to experience nature. Here are the top three camping sites around Guilin with travel information.

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Photography Tips and Locations in Guilin

This article talks about photography tips and locations in Guilin, including where and when to take the best shots.

Top 4 Rivers for Summer Rafting around Guilin

The top 4 rivers for summer rafting around Guilin with travel details to help you to have fun escaping the heat.

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Top 3 Guilin Day Trips

If you've only got one day in Guilin, and you're looking forward to a memorable trip, then this article is just for you.

Photography Tips For Longsheng Rice Terrace

Longji Terraced Fields is a popular place for photography enthusiasts. Here are tips for when and where to take the best photos.

Planning a 3-Day Tour of Guilin's Highlights

Here is a popular and workable plan to see the highlights of Guilin and its nearby counties in only three days.

Li River Cruise vs Bamboo Raft — An Australian Expat's View

Boat cruise or bamboo raft, which way would you prefer to experience the Li River? An Australian in Guilin for 12 years shares his views.

4 Ways to Explore Yangshuo's Countryside

This article introduces these ways to explore Yangshuo's countryside: riding a bicycle, tandem, electric golf cart, and electric scooter.

The Best of Yangshuo

The key places in Yangshuo, including hotels, restaurants, and attractions, are introduced to help travelers make decisions.

How to Plan a One-Day Stay in Guilin

This article talks about how to plan a day in Guilin with top things to do, best places to visit, meals and shopping options.

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A Day in Guilin — Low Budget (on a Shoestring)

To tour Guilin in one day on a very low budget see these travel tips on how to spend less in Guilin and still enjoy your time there.

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Top Outdoor Activities in Yangshuo

Yangshuo is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Cycling, rock climbing, kayaking, rafting and hiking are the most popular activities.

Sports Illustrated's Super Models Photographed in Picturesque Guilin

What are the most popular places to visit in Guilin? Follow the super models of Sports Illustrated magazine to find the natural beauty of Guilin.

Urban Life in Guilin

China is urbanizing so rapidly that millions of people from the countryside are moving to the cities. Some even continue their rural ways in Guilin City.

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Guilin's Geology - A Walk on the Sea Bed

The karst formation in Guilin makes it a top travel destination. Travel with China Highlights to discover Guilin's geology.

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Best Boutique Hotels in Yangshuo

Star hotels are not the only comfortable choice in Yangshuo. There are lots of boutique countryside and riverside hotels.

Top 10 Family Activities in Guilin

Guilin is not only a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts but also a charming place for family tours. See what activities you can share with your kids.

A Day in Guilin — Big Budget (the Sky's the Limit)

If you're traveling Guilin on a BIG budget, these are the places to go and ways to travel for a luxurious and classy tour.

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The Best Attractions, Hotels, Restaurants in Guilin

Here is an introduction to the best attractions, hotels, and restaurants in Guilin, offering travelers the pick of Guilin's tourism.

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Top Free Things to Do in Guilin

Guilin is a city with lots of landscapes to explore. In this page you can find some new and interesting areas without any entrance fee.

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Best Caves to Visit in Guilin

Limestone caves are must-see sights when touring Guilin. This article helps you find the most popular caves to visit in the Guilin area.

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