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Lecture On Traditional Chinese Medicine And Qigong

TCM is used by a large number of world's population. Unlike Western medicine, TCM treats and evaluates each person as an individual and the body as whole. Qigong (Ch'i Kong) is an internal martial art in which one learns to sense the Qi moving in ones own body. Advanced practitioners are able to move the Qi in their body at will. Basically, Qigong is a quiet meditative activity with profound physical, mental and spiritual side effects. Qigong is a great form of exercise, especially for those with osteoarthritis. It can help you build your leg muscles, strengthen your posture, and improve your balance, flexibility, and mobility. It also can teach you to relax and focus, even while executing the moves, and is a way to harmonize the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. In addition, it helps to develop concentration and coordination, and can reduce the risk of falls common with the elderly. Our Lecturer Mr.Luo is a teacher at the Guilin Medical College. He suffered Epilepsy and Myasthenia gravis 20 years ago so he started to study TCM and Qigong , he recovered.

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Attractions:Lecture on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong
Duration:4 hrs

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