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Sports Illustrated's Super Models Photographed in Picturesque Guilin

Guilin, well-known for its second-to-none natural scenery, was used as the backdrop by famous magazine Sports Illustrated for photography of super models.

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The Li River

lijiang riverThe Li River

The Li River is the star feature of Guilin, famous for its clean water and karst mountains along the river. Cruising and rafting on the Li River are popular, and this inspired the super model photographers.

The natural scenery along the Yulong River in Yangshuo (a county near Guilin city) is also stunning and gorgeous. Many travelers enjoy rafting on the Yulong River, getting closer to nature than on a cruise boat.

Visiting Minority Residents – Dong Minority People

Apart from appreciating the beautiful natural landscapes in Guilin, experiencing the local life of the Dong minority people is a recommended cultural part of a Guilin tour. Wind-Rain Bridge in Shangri-la Paradise is one of the most typical architectures of this minority group, and the photographers picked it for a shoot.

Longsheng Longji Terraced Fields

The scenery is spectacular in all four seasons at the Longji Terraced Fields: fresh vitality in spring, vigorous green crops in summer, a wide golden blanket in autumn, and a snow world in winter. This is also a great place to visit the Yao minority people by attending their Red Clothes Festival.


yangshuo-7 Yangshuo Countryside

Without any doubt Yangshuo is an indispensible Guilin tour destination, and is highly praised by countless travelers. It is obvious that the photography team of Sports Illustrated felt the same. Hiking and cycling in the countryside among the mountains are two popular activities there.

Yangshuo at night is quiet by the rivers, but busy around West Street. Having drinks in Cafes around West Street, and watching the special performance Impression Liu Sanjie on the Li River are popular evening activities.

Gudong Waterfall

ancient east falls

Unlike other waterfalls in Guilin, the steep rocks and torrential streams give travelers an opportunity to entertain themselves climbing a waterfall in summer.

During the photography shoot in Guilin, the team stayed in the Shangri La Hotel Guilin, which has a great view of the Li River. Superb service, including delicious food, and a comfortable environment are provided.

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