Qingyan Ancient Town

Qingyan Ancient Town covers an area of 3 square kilometers. The town retains a lot of historic layout and ancient buildings, from the Ming Dynasty or even Qing Dynasty. In the town, visitors may have the chance to see well-preserved stone-slab lanes, archways, watchtowers and battlements. Now, the ancient town is famous for its "9 temples, 8 shrines, 5 pavilions, 3 caves, 2 ancestral halls, 1 palace and 1 academy". Most of them are well preserved and are worth visiting.

The town is indeed a place made up of stone. Historic relics can be seen almost everywhere. Among its 37 tourist attractions are 9 temples, 8 shrines, 5 pavilions, 3 caves, 2 ancestral halls, 1 palace and 1 academy. There are three ancient archways too. Most of these ancient buildings are exquisitely carved with terrapins, dragons and other traditional Chinese patterns.

The ancient town has a history of more than 600 years. It was originally established as a post station in 1378. Because of its important situation, it played an important role along the ancient post route from Guangxi to Guizhou, from which government documents and military intelligence were sent to and from the post. Later, an army of solders were sent to the station and built it as their fortress. After years of changing, it became today's Qingyan town.

Qing Yan owns some famous local specialties as well. One of them is Rose Candy (also known as Mia Pian Candy in Chinese) made by the Ping family in Qing Yan town. History of the Candy can be traced back as early as 1874 and it is passed down through generations in the old town. Today the fragrant and sweet candy becomes a famous brand and is still liked by young and old.

Another local product is Qing Yan Shuanghua Vinegar. The liquid of the vinegar is quite thick and is of the color of dark red. The vinegar tastes of slight sweetness in the mouth and the fragrance lasts long. Local Guiyang people like it very much.

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seet 2012-08-31
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i will be in guiyang on 12 september. i have booked a night in novotel. i will be leaving on 15th september, i am keen to explore- day trip Qingyan ancient town and nearby attraction and - trip to huanguosu water fall, i do not mind to stay one night in hotels such as grand valley and come back to guiyang the next dayI am also interested in li boa but i think may be too tired to travel with my short stay
Thank you for your inquiry,I tentatively designed a two days tour for you according your requirements. Day1, Our guide and driver will escort you from Guiyang to Anshun, Huangguoshu Waterfall and Tianxing Qiao Scenic Area,cultural village ,the ethinic group Batik museum, come back to Guiyang and stay in GUiyang Novotel hotel. Day2, our guide and driver will escort your to Jiaxiulou, Qianling Park, Flower and Bird Market, Qingyan Ancient Town. the scenic spots that listed in the itinerary are the most popular one in the Guiyang area, Plese advise if you need any Change. I have sent a suggested itinerary with quotaion to your email. please check to see the detail. wish you have a nice day. Lily Guo replied on 2012-09-01
Julie Herrera 2011-07-17
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What can you tell me about the Hall of Scholars?
The Hall of Scholars is the fomer residence of Zhao Yijiong (赵以炯), the first number one scholar in imperial competitive examination from Guizhou Province. The hall is located in 1 Zhuangyuan Street and takes an area of 700 square meters. It was built in the style of quadrangle courtyard, and the main building mertierial is wood. guest replied on 2011-07-22
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