Hongfeng Lake

Hongfeng Lake is an artificial lake on the Guizhou Plateau, built in 1958 when the reservoir was under constrution. A lot of maple trees grow around the lake on the mountain, and the lake takes its name since these maple trees' leaves turn red every fall.

The scenic area is made up of four parts: the North Lake, the South Lake, the Rear Lake and the minority ethnic villages, each radiating its unique charm. Hongfeng Lake can be appreciated at four different seasons. In spring, visitors may enjoy the blooming of the flowers; in summer, visitors may play with the clear and clean water; in autumn, the trees will display various colors; and in winter, flocks of birds will make it a good place to visit. There are some ethnic villages with interesting examples of village architecture in the scenic area, including a DiaoJiaolou (Miao traditional house), a Buyi flagstone house and a Dong drum tower that has a roofed bridge. The drum tower can be reached by boat. In accordance with village custom, visitors will get a warm welcome; they may taste many special ethnic foods and snacks there too. It will be such an interesting experience that they may be reluctant to leave.