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Guiyang Muslim Restaurants

Nanming District

Fragrant Islam-style Restaurant

Founded in April 2012, Fragrant Islam-style Restaurant is a new and popular Muslim-style restaurant for its authentic dishes that are quick-fried, boiled, stewed, braised or roasted. The restaurant's red gate, red chair covers and yellow tablecloths show off the harmonious and general festivity. The unique decorations such as Muslim-style paintings on the walls show its ethnic features which are loved by Muslim people.

  • Chinese name: 香伊味食府 Xiang Yi Wei Shifu
  • Recommended dishes: boiled lamb (手抓羊肉), roasted leg of lamb (烤羊腿), deep-fried whole lily bulbs (金菊百合), sheet starch jelly in spicy sauce (凉皮), pan-fried buns (水煎包), and braised mutton in brown sauce (黄焖羊肉).
  • Average price per person: 40 yuan
  • Opening hours: 9am–10pm
  • Address: Floor 1, Hongtong Shopping Center, 100 Liberation Road, Nanming District 南明区解放路100号鸿通购物中心1楼
  • Tel: 0851-8630662
  • Transportation: Take bus 11, 13, 21, 42, 43, 44, 204 or 242, and get off at Huochezhan Pifa Shichang (Railway Station Wholesale Market/火车站批发市场).

Eastern Beef Restaurant

Eastern Beef Restaurant is a Muslim-style restaurant that primarily serves special-flavored hot pots and seafood. The restaurant is decorated elegantly in a western style, and is spacious and bright. The restaurant's comfortable, neat and tidy environment provides a pleasant and warm dining atmosphere. Moreover, the restaurant also provides coffee and tea with milk.

  • Chinese name: 东方肥牛府 Dongfang Feiniu Fu
  • Recommended dishes: beef hot pot (涮牛肉), assorted balls (丸子拼盘), thin mushrooms (金针菇), ox tripe (牛百叶), sizzling beef steak (铁板牛肉), and crispy shrimps with spicy salt (椒盐虾).
  • Average price per person: 30 yuan
  • Opening hours: 9am–10pm
  • Address: 130 Shachong South Road, Nanming District 南明区沙冲南路
  • Tel: 0851-3509318, 0851-3840170
  • Transportation: Take bus 9, 11, 21, 42, 50, 57 or 242, and get off at the Community of Three-Five Factory (三五厂生后区).