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Guiyang Weather in November

The weather continues to cool and it slowly turns into winter. It is mostly cloudy or gloomy. The average low and high temperature is respectively at 9℃ (48°F) and 16 (61°F). Prepare sweater and coat.

Guiyang Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage High Average Low
November   1n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   2n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   3n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   4n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   5n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   6n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   7n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   8n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   9n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   10n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   11n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   12n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   13n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   14n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   15n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   16n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   17n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   18n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   19n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   20n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   21n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   22n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   23n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   24n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   25n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   26n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   27n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   28n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   29n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C
November   30n/a °Fn/a °Cn/a °Fn/a °C

Guiyang Climate Information by Month