Haikou Food

Haikou Cuisine

The way to cook Haikou cuisine is the same as that of Guangdong cuisine. The Haikou cuisine is good at coconut. There are many famous cuisines such as Chicken with coconut milk, Soup with bird’s nest and coconut milk etc. In addition, the Haikou cuisine is also good at different seafood, including shrimp, shellfish, and fish etc.

Hainan Rice Noodle

The Rice Noodle is one of the most characteristic snacks in Hainan. It has a long history, which can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty. The Hainan Rice Noodle is made of rice noodle and dozens of special condiments. It is white in color and thin in shape. It can be served as cold-dish. People always put some fried peanuts, roasted sesame, bean sprout, chopped green onion, shredded meat, sesame oil, Chinese sauerkraut or coriander on the noodle. Then add some clear conch soup. A bowl of Hannan Rice Noodle is ready.

Hainan Chicken with Coconut Milk

The Chicken with coconut milk also has a long history. It has been popular in Haikou since 1930s. The chicken is tender and the coconut milk is strong. Tourists who travel in Hannan can not miss this cuisine.

Food Street

Tourists can go to the Longkun South Road. There they can enjoy all kinds of seafood in Haikou. The seafood is not so expensive and very delicious.

Jinlong Road is also one of the most famous food streets. There tourists can taste the delicious foods from all parts of China.

For those who want to taste Hainan local snacks, the Boai South Road is the place we strongly recommend. There tourists can taste the real Hainan Rice Noodles and other delicious local snacks.

Questions and Answers About Haikou Food

Eddy Lim 2011-12-03
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wish to visit Haikou and Sanya..how far is this...from Singapore flight will be directly to Haikou??? understand from TV Haikou is most famous for sea food/street food which we love it...hope can recommend..End of Dec is a good time to visit??
Hi Eddy, Regarding your enquiry about Haikou and Sanya, the distance between them is about 272 km; it takes about 3.5 hours by car. There are direct flights between Singapore and Haikou (it takes about 3 hours’ flight). Some recommended local foods in Hainan province: Steamed Hele Crab, Boiled Wenchang Chicken, Braised Dongshan Lamb, Boiled Jiaji Duck, abalone, sea cucumber and other exotic foods are common dishes served in restaurants; there are many ways to cook there: steamed, fried, braised, and hot pot. Actually, December is one of the best seasons to visit there; the best time to visit Hainan is from December to March. During that time, the weather in Hainan is mild and agreeable, like late spring and early summer while other parts of China are in cold and harsh winter. We do have some recommended tours; please visit our website for detail: http://www.chinahighlights.com/sanya/tours.htm or we can tailor-made one for you, please kindly advice. Tip: You may get a name card with the prices of seafood on it during your stay, the prices seem to be very cheap and impel you to have a try, but you will pay much more out of the expectation. Therefore, you would better not to trust them. It is a trap indeed. Hope it helps. Robert Hui replied on 2011-12-05
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