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Haikou Shopping

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Haikou is a large city and it is one of the commercial centers in Hainan Province. The main special local products include coconut carving, coral bonsai, crystal, pearl, Xinglong coffee, Huangdenglong Chili sauce, pepper, palm sugar, etc. There are many local products shops. Tourists can go there and buy some peppers, palm sugars and other souvenirs.

Recommended Shopping Center

Haixiu Avenue

The Haixiu Avenue is the most prosperous business street in Haikou. There are many souvenir shops. Tourists can buy the crystals, pearls in these jewelry stores. Coffee, palm sugar, coconut carvings can be bought in those local product shops.

Dadongmen Market

The Dadongmen Market is the distributing centre of the seafood. Tourists can buy some dried squid and other fish products. Across the Dadongmen Market, there is an antique street; tourists can buy some antiques there.

Bailongnan Fruit Market

The Bailongnan Fruit Market is located at the Bailong South Road. Tourists can buy fresh mangos, pineapples, coconuts, jackfruit, carambola, durian and other fruits of the season.