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Haikou Weather in August

August is still hot in Haikou, with an average temperature of 28.5°C (83.3°F). The city's minimum temperature this month is 24.9°C (76.8°F) and its maximum temperature is 32.1°C (89.8°F). Summer clothing is still suitable and if you go outdoors, wear a hat and a pair of sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.

Tropical storms and typhoons are active this month. Please pay attention to the weather forecast and go out when the weather is nice. Since this month also marks summer vocation, it is peak travel season. Hotel rates are often higher than usual and tourist attractions are crowded. If you plan to visit Haikou in August, book in advance. See our Haikou Tours.

Haikou Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage High Average Low
August   190 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
August   290 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
August   390 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
August   490 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
August   590 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
August   690 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
August   790 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
August   890 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
August   990 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
August   1090 °F32.22 °C76 °F24.44 °C
August   1190 °F32.22 °C76 °F24.44 °C
August   1290 °F32.22 °C76 °F24.44 °C
August   1389 °F31.67 °C76 °F24.44 °C
August   1489 °F31.67 °C76 °F24.44 °C
August   1589 °F31.67 °C76 °F24.44 °C
August   1689 °F31.67 °C76 °F24.44 °C
August   1789 °F31.67 °C76 °F24.44 °C
August   1889 °F31.67 °C76 °F24.44 °C
August   1989 °F31.67 °C76 °F24.44 °C
August   2089 °F31.67 °C76 °F24.44 °C
August   2189 °F31.67 °C76 °F24.44 °C
August   2289 °F31.67 °C76 °F24.44 °C
August   2389 °F31.67 °C76 °F24.44 °C
August   2489 °F31.67 °C76 °F24.44 °C
August   2589 °F31.67 °C76 °F24.44 °C
August   2688 °F31.11 °C76 °F24.44 °C
August   2788 °F31.11 °C76 °F24.44 °C
August   2888 °F31.11 °C76 °F24.44 °C
August   2988 °F31.11 °C76 °F24.44 °C
August   3088 °F31.11 °C76 °F24.44 °C
August   3188 °F31.11 °C76 °F24.44 °C

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