Haikou Weather in February

February in Haikou is also very comfortable, with an average temperature of 19°C (66 °F), a maximum temperature of 22 °C (72 °F), and a minimum temperature of 16°C (60°F).

The 15th day of the first lunar month is the Chinese Lantern Festival, which usually falls in February. Lanterns of various shapes are displayed in streets and parks. Since the Spring Festival falls at the end of this month or early to mid February and the Lantern Festival is in February, this month is the busiest travel time. If you plan to visit Haikou in February, make your reservations in advance. See our Haikou Tours.

Haikou Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage High Average Low
February   169 °F20.56 °C58 °F14.44 °C
February   270 °F21.11 °C58 °F14.44 °C
February   370 °F21.11 °C58 °F14.44 °C
February   470 °F21.11 °C59 °F15 °C
February   570 °F21.11 °C59 °F15 °C
February   670 °F21.11 °C59 °F15 °C
February   770 °F21.11 °C59 °F15 °C
February   870 °F21.11 °C59 °F15 °C
February   970 °F21.11 °C59 °F15 °C
February   1070 °F21.11 °C59 °F15 °C
February   1171 °F21.67 °C59 °F15 °C
February   1271 °F21.67 °C59 °F15 °C
February   1371 °F21.67 °C60 °F15.56 °C
February   1471 °F21.67 °C60 °F15.56 °C
February   1571 °F21.67 °C60 °F15.56 °C
February   1671 °F21.67 °C60 °F15.56 °C
February   1772 °F22.22 °C60 °F15.56 °C
February   1872 °F22.22 °C60 °F15.56 °C
February   1972 °F22.22 °C60 °F15.56 °C
February   2072 °F22.22 °C61 °F16.11 °C
February   2172 °F22.22 °C61 °F16.11 °C
February   2272 °F22.22 °C61 °F16.11 °C
February   2373 °F22.78 °C61 °F16.11 °C
February   2473 °F22.78 °C61 °F16.11 °C
February   2573 °F22.78 °C61 °F16.11 °C
February   2673 °F22.78 °C62 °F16.67 °C
February   2774 °F23.33 °C62 °F16.67 °C
February   2874 °F23.33 °C62 °F16.67 °C
February   2974 °F23.33 °C62 °F16.67 °C

Haikou Climate Information by Month

Questions and Answers About Haikou Weather in February

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