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Haikou Weather in June

June experiences lots of rain, and the month sees more than 200 millimeters. The average temperature is 28.85°C (83.9 °F), with a minimum temperature of 25.1°C (77.2°F) and a maximum temperature of 32.6°C (90.7°F).

The Dragon Boat Festival falls on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, usually in June. The city may hold dragon boat races to celebrate the festival. It is a little hot and summer clothing, such as shorts, shirts, and skirts are available. Remember to bring an umbrella as well as long-sleeve clothing for cool nights. June is the peak travel season for visiting Haikou, so book in advance. See our Haikou Tours.

Haikou Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage High Average Low
June   190 °F32.22 °C76 °F24.44 °C
June   290 °F32.22 °C76 °F24.44 °C
June   390 °F32.22 °C76 °F24.44 °C
June   490 °F32.22 °C76 °F24.44 °C
June   590 °F32.22 °C76 °F24.44 °C
June   690 °F32.22 °C76 °F24.44 °C
June   790 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
June   890 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
June   990 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
June   1090 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
June   1190 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
June   1290 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
June   1390 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
June   1490 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
June   1590 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
June   1690 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
June   1790 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
June   1890 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
June   1990 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
June   2090 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
June   2190 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
June   2290 °F32.22 °C77 °F25 °C
June   2391 °F32.78 °C77 °F25 °C
June   2491 °F32.78 °C77 °F25 °C
June   2591 °F32.78 °C77 °F25 °C
June   2691 °F32.78 °C77 °F25 °C
June   2791 °F32.78 °C77 °F25 °C
June   2891 °F32.78 °C77 °F25 °C
June   2991 °F32.78 °C77 °F25 °C
June   3091 °F32.78 °C77 °F25 °C

Haikou Climate Information by Month