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Haikou Weather in March

In March, the weather is warmer than the previous two months, with an average temperature of 22°C (72°F), a maximum temperature of 26°C (78°F), and a minimum temperature of 19 °C (66°F). March is the first month of spring. Temperatures increase and the relative humidity is higher this month. Generally, a shirt or a light jacket is suitable.

The weather in March is gentle and agreeable in Haikou, while other places in most parts of China remain cold. Outdoor activities are popular during the time of the year, and the traditional Junpo Festival in March gives you a chance to participate in many activities in the streets. Hotel rates are often higher than usual, and tourist attractions are crowded. If you plan to visit Haikou during this time, book in advance. See our Haikou Tours.

Haikou Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage High Average Low
March   174 °F23.33 °C62 °F16.67 °C
March   275 °F23.89 °C62 °F16.67 °C
March   375 °F23.89 °C63 °F17.22 °C
March   475 °F23.89 °C63 °F17.22 °C
March   575 °F23.89 °C63 °F17.22 °C
March   676 °F24.44 °C63 °F17.22 °C
March   776 °F24.44 °C63 °F17.22 °C
March   876 °F24.44 °C64 °F17.78 °C
March   976 °F24.44 °C64 °F17.78 °C
March   1077 °F25 °C64 °F17.78 °C
March   1177 °F25 °C64 °F17.78 °C
March   1277 °F25 °C64 °F17.78 °C
March   1377 °F25 °C65 °F18.33 °C
March   1478 °F25.56 °C65 °F18.33 °C
March   1578 °F25.56 °C65 °F18.33 °C
March   1678 °F25.56 °C65 °F18.33 °C
March   1778 °F25.56 °C65 °F18.33 °C
March   1879 °F26.11 °C66 °F18.89 °C
March   1979 °F26.11 °C66 °F18.89 °C
March   2079 °F26.11 °C66 °F18.89 °C
March   2179 °F26.11 °C66 °F18.89 °C
March   2279 °F26.11 °C66 °F18.89 °C
March   2380 °F26.67 °C67 °F19.44 °C
March   2480 °F26.67 °C67 °F19.44 °C
March   2580 °F26.67 °C67 °F19.44 °C
March   2680 °F26.67 °C67 °F19.44 °C
March   2781 °F27.22 °C67 °F19.44 °C
March   2881 °F27.22 °C68 °F20 °C
March   2981 °F27.22 °C68 °F20 °C
March   3081 °F27.22 °C68 °F20 °C
March   3182 °F27.78 °C68 °F20 °C

Haikou Climate Information by Month