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Haikou Weather in May

The rainy season starts from May, with a total rainfall of 183 millimeters (7.2 inches) and the number of rainy days at 16 for the month. The average temperature is 28.1°C (82.6°F), with a minimum temperature of 24.2°C (75.6°F) and a maximum temperature of 32 °C (89.6°F).

May marks the beginning of summer, with the temperature and rainfall increasing continually. And May is when typhoons begin to appear. Summer clothing like T-shirts and a light jacket are enough for the month, and bring a light coat or a cardigan for early morning or evening coolness. Ultraviolet radiation is a little stronger since the sun shines brighter, so bring sunscreen to protect your skin. Since rainfall is frequent, bring an umbrella. May is the peak travel season, and you can expect higher hotel rates and crowded tourist attractions. If you plan to visit Haikou during May, book in advance. See our Haikou Tours.

Haikou Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage High Average Low
May   187 °F30.56 °C73 °F22.78 °C
May   288 °F31.11 °C74 °F23.33 °C
May   388 °F31.11 °C74 °F23.33 °C
May   488 °F31.11 °C74 °F23.33 °C
May   588 °F31.11 °C74 °F23.33 °C
May   688 °F31.11 °C74 °F23.33 °C
May   788 °F31.11 °C74 °F23.33 °C
May   888 °F31.11 °C74 °F23.33 °C
May   989 °F31.67 °C74 °F23.33 °C
May   1089 °F31.67 °C75 °F23.89 °C
May   1189 °F31.67 °C75 °F23.89 °C
May   1289 °F31.67 °C75 °F23.89 °C
May   1389 °F31.67 °C75 °F23.89 °C
May   1489 °F31.67 °C75 °F23.89 °C
May   1589 °F31.67 °C75 °F23.89 °C
May   1689 °F31.67 °C75 °F23.89 °C
May   1789 °F31.67 °C75 °F23.89 °C
May   1889 °F31.67 °C75 °F23.89 °C
May   1989 °F31.67 °C75 °F23.89 °C
May   2089 °F31.67 °C76 °F24.44 °C
May   2190 °F32.22 °C76 °F24.44 °C
May   2290 °F32.22 °C76 °F24.44 °C
May   2390 °F32.22 °C76 °F24.44 °C
May   2490 °F32.22 °C76 °F24.44 °C
May   2590 °F32.22 °C76 °F24.44 °C
May   2690 °F32.22 °C76 °F24.44 °C
May   2790 °F32.22 °C76 °F24.44 °C
May   2890 °F32.22 °C76 °F24.44 °C
May   2990 °F32.22 °C76 °F24.44 °C
May   3090 °F32.22 °C76 °F24.44 °C
May   3190 °F32.22 °C76 °F24.44 °C

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