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Hainan Travel Tips

The Tour of Hainan

Time: Every November

Venue: It is a 1300 km counterclockwise race covering all the cities and counties of Hainan Island.


Only team registration is accepted. There is one team of a county except China.

Watch the Event: You can watch it along the way.


The Tour of Hainan is held every November in Hainan Island since 2006. Hainan Island is praised as the Bright Pearl in the South China Sea and the Oriental Hawaii. It is an international cycling even that attracts world-wide attentions.


1. It is a high-grade international cycling even. The Tour of Hainan has been upgraded from Continental 2.2, 2.1 to 2.HC in 2009.

2. It attracts world-wide attentions. Take 2009 The Tour of Hainan for example, there are totally 20 teams, including China National Team, Danish National Team, German National Team, GIANT Asia Racing, Hong Kong National Team, Japanese National Team, Jelly Belly Pro Cycling Team, Malaysian National Team, Petrochemical Tabriz Cycling Team, Polish National Team, Swiss National Team, Trek-Marco Polo Cycling Team and the Ukrainian National Team.

3. It is held in one of the top China holiday destinations, Hainan Island. Hainan is overflowing with the appeal of an island paradise: golden beaches, sea, waves and seaside holiday resorts. Besides watching the Tour of Hainan, you can greedily enjoy the fresh air, the sea breeze, the find sand, the coconut milk and the peace of Hainan.

4. The race covers all the 18 cities and counties of Hainan Island. The total distance of the race has increased from 900 km clockwise to 1429.7 km counterclockwise in 2009.

Eating Tropical Fruits

Located within tropical zone, Hainan Island is rich in various kinds of tropical fruits, including some rare fruits which can seldom be seen in other parts of China. For people who travel in Hainan, eating tropical fruits is also an important tourist activity, besides enjoying coastal scenery and eating delicious seafood.

Enjoying Night life in Hainan

The entertainment industry in Hainan has enjoyed rapid development, and night life in Hainan is very rich and colorful. Throughout the island, there are large numbers of bars, coffee shops, discos, night clubs and massage parlors.

Hot Springs

There are countless hot springs in Hainan, and more than 300 of them have been made accessible to visitors. Most hot springs in Hainan are therapeutic mineral springs with excellent water quality and water temperature of more than 176oF (80oC). A great many hot spring tourist spots can be found in Hainan, which offer a series of relaxing and sporting activities, including ordinary hot spring baths, multifunctional health care, surfing, sun bathing, massage services, golf, tennis and folk culture performances of various countries. Nantian is the most popular spring because of its pool of dead-skin-nibbling fish (actually a lot more relaxing than it sounds). Entry is 168 RMB and there is a forty-five minute shuttle bus every two hours from Yalong Bay and Dadonghai.

Hainan Entry Tips

China Visa

Favorable visa polices have been approved by the State Council in order to boost inbound tourism in Hainan Province, one of the most popular tourist destinations in China. Tourists from 21 countries enjoy a visa-free policy, and tourists from many countries can apply for their entry visa on arrival at Sanya.

Visa on Arrival: Tourists with a nationality of any country that has built a diplomatic relationship with China can apply for an entry visa after their arrival at Sanya Airport.

Visa Waiver: From April 1, 2002, tourists from 21 countries have been granted visa-free entry at Sanya Customs for a stay of less than 15 days in Hainan Province, on condition that they are in travel groups of at least five members and hold passports from one of the following 21 countries: Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, the U.K., and the U.S.A..

Visa Extension: If foreign tourists plan to stay for a longer period in Hainan Province, or visit other places in Mainland China, they can apply to the local authorities, and present official documents provided by their tour agencies.

Chinese Customs

Before entering Hainan Province, tourists should declare certain goods to customs and produce proper certification for each individual item declared. All the items listed in a declaration should be accompanied with the following details: quantity, weight, value and purpose. You can telephone +0898-851-6888 to know more about China Customs Requirements.

Chinese Currency

Most currencies of the world can be exchanged for Chinese RMB (Yuan) at any branch of the Bank of China and at most hotels.

Safety Reminders

  • Check the room facilities immediately after checking in to a hotel. If there is any problem, inform the reception staff, in order to avoid unnecessary troubles when you check out.
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of money and valuables to crowded scenic zones and recreational places. Usually there are safe deposit services in the hotels of Hainan for your valuables.
  • Avoid going out alone, and take care of your purse and other personal belongings, to prevent them from being stolen. The policemay be reached by dialing 110.
  • When you are swimming or diving in the sea, for your personal safety don’t touch unknown objects or sea creatures.. Bring sun cream and an umbrella for protection from the strong sun.
  • Make sure the travel agency you join has a business license, and make a contract with the agency to ensure the content and standard of all the services provided.
  • Tourists have the right to accept or reject any kind of extra service.
  • Travel agencies are required to guarantee tourists’ personal safety as well as property safety.
  • Seafood in Hainan is recommended, but ensure it is fresh and well-cooked to prevent food poisoning. By the way, you'd better bring some medicine.