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Tide Bore Watching Park

The Park is located south of Yanguan Town, with an area of 16.24 hectares. This is one of the top ten parks in Zhejiang Province, and the best place for watching Haining tidal wave, a marvelous natural phenomenon in the world.

Haining tidal wave is well-known for its turbulent and breathtaking scene. The tides are tall and changeable in a blink of an eye. People can watch the tidal wave twice a day, and there are about 150 days in a year that this phenomenon happens.

It has been a tradition since the Ming Dynasty that people watch the tidal wave on August 18 of lunar calendar, when the tidal wave is the most magnificent. Now every year on this day, there is a tidal watching festival here, numerous people gather to watch this stunning scene, and there will be many performances and activities at the park.