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Because of the leather goods, Haining is called "leather capital of China", so it is no doubt that leathers are the most typical goods in Haining. Its leather production industry took off in the 1980s. With good marketing, Haining has expanded her influence; bring about product upgrades and better branding. In Haining, you can buy either brand or ordinary leather and fur products. Thus, shopping in Haining is major in the purchasing of leather and fur products.

Typical Product


Established in 1994, Haining Leather City is so far the largest leather shopping center not only in China but also in Asia. The first-stage project covers an area of 160,000 square meters, where the first floor of Haining Leather City sells suitcases and leather wares, the second floor is for leather costume, the third floor is for fine furs and luxury leather wares, and the fourth floor is the catering center. The second-stage project of the leather city covers an area of 260,000 square meters, which is mainly for raw material market, shoes square, cowboy city, commercial building, catering center, and Tao Leather Happy Carnival. With more than 2,000 leather companies occupy in the Leather City, you will find high-low-grade leather products in it. The price of leather products in the Leather City sometimes is very high, but you can bargain with shopkeepers (except for the famous brand shops). Otherwise, there are guides in the Leather City, so if you are afraid of getting lost in the Leather City, you may employ a local guide before entering it. Now, the leather city is not only a commercial center but also a scenic spot in Haining.

  • Chinese name: 皮革 Pige /pee-ger/
  • Place to Buy: Haining Leather City 海宁皮革城 Haining Pige Cheng
  • Address: 201 West Haizhou Road 海宁海州西路201号
  • Transportation: Take city bus No.12, 109, or 131 and take off at Haining Leather City (海宁皮革城站).



  • Chinese name: 沃尔玛 Wo'erma
  • Address: 97 Lianhe Road 海宁市联合路97号
  • Open: 7am–10pm
  • Transportation: Take city bus No. k1, K2, k8, or k10