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Handan Shopping

Handan is an ancient city with about 3,000 years' history. Black pottery produced in Guantao County (a county in east of Handan City) is a unique local specialty in Handan. Products made by black pottery are available in many stores for souvenirs. In addition, the china wares for daily uses in Handan are in good quality, because the porcelain's texture is good and the styles of the china wares are exquisite and graceful. Visitors can go to Lili Porcelain Specialty Store (力力瓷器专卖店) to buy some china wares. The address is 32 Fuxing Road, Duxing District (复兴区复兴路32号).

Shopping Places for Clothing

New Century Shopping Plaza 新世纪购物广场

It is said that the New Century Shopping Plaza is the largest and the best shopping plaza in Handan, so most of the products there are in middle and high grade. Visitors can buy many kinds of products there, meeting their demands in daily life, such as clothing, shoes, bags, cosmetics, computer, camera, and food and so on. There is a supper market on basement 1.

  • Address: 29 North Zhonghua Avenue, Congtai District (丛台区中华北大街)
  • Average Price Per Person: 417 yuan

Jinxin Shoes 金信鞋业

Visitors can find various kinds of shoes there. The prices are more affordable than those in New Century Shopping Plaza.

  • Address: 185 Heping Road, Hanshan District (邯山区和平路185号)
  • Tel: 0310-3023 357
  • Bus Routes: 11, 31, 34, 36, 44, 55, 58 and 69

Shopping Place for Furniture

Wangao Furniture Store 万高家具

Wangao Furniture Store is in Yasen Furniture City (亚森家具城), where visitors can find various kinds of furniture.

  • Address: Floor 3, Hall 2, Yasen Furniture City, 129 South Zhonghua Avenue, Hanshan District (邯山区中华南大街129号亚森家具城2厅3楼)
  • Tel: 0310-6038 316
  • Hours: 09:00–18:00
  • Bus Routes: 16, 20, 33 and Huan 5