Hangzhou National Silk Museum

Situated at the southern bank of West Lake of Hangzhou City, the China National Silk Museum tells about the origin, development and types of silk, Silk Road and the importance of silk in ancient society and life.

The museum houses many historical relics related to silk of various dynasties since the Neolithic Age. In particular, the exhibits aretextiles of the Han and Tang dynasties which have been excavated from along the route of Silk Road, costumes from the areas south of the Yangtze River of the Song Dynasty, modern cheongsams, and traditional weaving machines of all ethnic groups.

Main Exhibition Halls

Costume Hall

The hall combines silk costumes with miniatures of garment character models, drawing boards, and symbolically restored scenes. It vividly interprets the function of silk in the ancient society, and displays the daily-used embroideries and the fine royal clothes such as coats, skirts and gowns popular between the Warring States Period and the Qing Dynasty, mending clothes and dragon robes.

Dyeing Hall

Predominant with the silk weaving and dyeing art, the hall vividly demonstrates the process of silk weaving and dyeing in ancient China.

Weaving Hall

Highlighting the field operating performance of weaving machines, the hall displays the ethnic and folk weaving machines which still work, and the restored ancient weaving machines

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Robyn 2012-07-14
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Can I buy silk in Hangzhou and have it made up while I am there?
Yes, the silk product is commercial off-the-shelf. Peter replied on 2012-07-19
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