West Lake Night

This is a performance reflecting the long and splendid culture of the region. Songs, dances, opera, acrobatics and stunts are integrated in this performance to present Hangzhou's rich ancient civilization and remarkable customs. The performance consists of five scenes lasting around 1 hour in total.

The First Scene - Soldiers Training Performance by Wuyue Ruler

This scene is a recreation of solider training in the Wuyue Sate over one thousand years ago. The drum and horn are the two main instruments used in this scene. In ancient China the drum and horn were used in the army to stimulate the solider into courage, similar to the modern bugle used today. In this scene the drum beaten and horn blared soldiers rush to the stage and stand in line, then Qianwang -ruler of the Wuyue Sate, a mighty and courageous man appears on the stage and they perform the training performance.

Dating back a thousand years, this scene is deeply rooted in the Wuyue culture.  Hangzhou began to earn its prominence in history in the Wuuye State Period when it was served as the capital of the kingdom and ever since then Hangzhou has gradually become one of the nations most important economic, cultural and political centres.      

The second Scene - The Prosperity of Southern Song Dynasty

Hangzhou saw its political and economic heyday in the Southern Song Dynasty. Marco Polo is believed to have visited China during this time and he was amazed to see huge cities of over a million people, vast amounts of commerce and busy river and canal traffic.

Southern Song prosperity is created in this scene. You will see bustling Song-style streets, filled with businessmen from around the country, shops, stores and restaurants. Southern Song songs and dances are also performed in this scene.

The Third Scene - The Romance of Liangzhu

This performance is based on the tragedy, Liangzhu. Liangzhu is a well known story in China. The performers express the story using vivid body language, dancing, acrobatics and combined with excellent singing they effectively present the story to a tearful audience.

The Legendary West Lake is where many romance stories and legends allegedly took place. The "Romance of Liangzhu", "Legend of the White Snake", "Love Story of Suxiaoxiao" and "Yuanyu" all have there background here. 

The Fourth Scene - Artistic Qiantang

Ancient court music is performed in this scene. The ancient Chinese emperors were an indulged group.  They entertained themselves with special music which was created by the court musicians for their enjoyment. The music is indeed very melodious and it will remind you of the long gone past. Pretty girls in their elegant silk dresses will gracefully dance to the melody. Hangzhou is famous for its silk production and pretty girls. The silk wrapped elegant figures alone will be a feast for your eyes.

 Another feature of this scene is the picking tea dance.

The Fifth Scene - Get Together at the West Lake

This scene is a mixed bag and includes drum beatings, ballet performances, some modern shows and cartoon performances which result in a grand getting together gala. Regardless of who you are, where you are from, converge at the West Lake and enjoy the breath-taking scenery.

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Comments:Many locals who have seen the performance comment: this is a sensational performance that I have never seen or heard before.

Duration: About one hour

Show Time: Every night at 7:00pm

Venue: The Dongpo Theatre, No 7 Dongpo Road, Hangzhou

Tel: 0571-87085992

Detailed instructions are given via two electronic screens set up at the stage sides. 

Questions and Answers About West Lake Night

Jane 2013-02-06
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Anyone know if the show 印象西湖雨 is showing during the CNY holidays. I''ll be there from 15 - 17 Feb 2013. Thanks!

Hi Jane, sorry,  but it is not available during the CNY holidays.

Whitney Liao replied on 2013-02-06
Johnny 2013-02-04
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Are there any shows during march? how is it per student?

Hi Johnny, the Song  Dynasty  Town and the  Impreission-The  West  Lake are  available.

The ticket price for the Song  Dynasty  Town this year is still unknown.

And for the Impreission-The West  Lake, it is CNY 260 for economy seat, CNY600 or CNY450 for deluxe seat.

Whitney Liao replied on 2013-02-05
Johnny 2013-02-04
Show Answer
what other attractions are there in hangzhou for college students.
Hi Johnny, the other attractions in Hangzhou are: the West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Six Harmonies Pagoda, Xitang Water Town, Ancient Village Wuzhen, Peak Flown From Afar, etc. Whitney Liao replied on 2013-02-05
David 2010-11-11
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Is there any performance on 7th of December for West Lake Night performance in Hangzhou? How much is the ticket? Is it worth the money?
The performance is given every night. The ticket price is 238. The performance features traditional Chinese dance, folk music and nice dressings. If you are fond of traditional Chinese culture, i think it is worth the money. Ruru Zhou replied on 2010-11-11
Montri 2010-10-28
Show Answer
I have watched the performance and enjoyed it very much. I like to buy the background music that play in the entire performance. Please advise how can I get it. Thank you.
Hi, Montri, The background music is called Impression of West Lake -"印象西湖雨", probably you can find it online. Ruru Zhou replied on 2010-10-28
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